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  • Draft name – message name assigned at creation and saving;
  • Form – message form code;
  • Last changed – date and time of last message modification;
  • Last changed by – name of the user who made changes;
  • Last revision – latest version of the document;
  • UTI – UTI code (see Incoming/Outgoing UTI);
  • Status – status of the document (Draft, Deleted, ToBeSend, HasBeenSent, Imported, Template, Sending).


The drafts table can be filtered by:

  • instrument types. The Image Added button indicates that the filtering will be applied only to the selected instruments. The Image Added button indicates that filtering will be applied to all instruments, except for the selected instruments;;
  • last change date;
  • attachment;
  • name – search by the draft name;
  • status;
  • parties (last changed by)

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Fig. 3 – attached file

Clicking on the  button opens a block of filters settings. After the settings has been specified, click the button  to apply filtering. This will generate a table with drafts corresponding to the filter parameters (read more here).


The selectioof thorders is performed by checking the appropriate checkboxes in the first column of the table (Fig. 6,1)Then you need to click the button on the toolbar to perform an operation (Fig. 6,2).

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Fig. 6 – working with several orders