To import FpML messages, a large number of orders using bulk format, you need to:

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  1. go to the Draft form and click the  button (Fig. 1);

    Fig. 1 – Drafts form

    This will open the Import draft form (Fig. 2);

    Fig. 2 – Import drafts form   

    Import can be performed in two modes: with saving the messageId and correlationId or not. See more in the Import mode section.

  2. click the  button to choose a file. This opens the Opening window (Fig. 3).

    Fig. 3 – choosing file

  3. select files (Fig. 3.1) and click the Open button (see Fig. 3.2). As a result, the selected files will be displayed in the Import draft window (Fig. 4).

    Fig. 4 – list of selected files 

    At importing a bulk format is automatically converted into FpML. All orders contained in the table format, will be displayed in the Drafts form (Fig. 5). A detailed description is provided in the Bulk order upload (bulk format).

    Figure 5 – importing drafts

    If you have selected an archive, all FpML files from the archive regardless of its nesting level will be displayed in a hierarchical list. File format is checked during the upload. File that do not match the FpML format will not be converted;

  4. click the  button to exit the Import draft form. Imported files are displayed as a table in the form.

Import mode

There are two modes of drafts import:

  • cleared messageId and correlationId then import. The IDs can be filled manually on the editing form (Fig6), or automatically when sending the message to the repository;
    Figure 6 – editing form
  • import drafts without changes (saving messageId and correlationId) (Fig7).

To select a mode, set the switch (Fig. 7) in the Import window.


Figure 7 – Import form

If the switch is unavailable, please contact the technical administrator to enable the (Technical administrator).

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