The NSD certificate is used for encrypting messages transmitted to the repository. To do it:

  1. download the NSD certificate;

  2. run Certificates storage using the Start menu → All Programs → MOEX EDS DSSK or MICEX APK Client (depending on the type of cryptography) → Certificates storage;

  3. select Certificates storage → Import Certificate to the local storage (see Fig. 2). This will open a window to select the certificate file (Fig. 3);

    Fig. 2 – starting to import file

    Fig. 3 – selecting a certificate 

  4. select the certificate file (see Fig. 3.1 ) and click Open (see Fig. 3.2 ). Next, the screen displays the window with information about added certificates, in which you should click OK (Fig. 4)

    Fig. 4 – information about the certificate

This will open a window informing the certificate was successfully added to the Certificates storage, where you need to click OK (Fig. 5). 

Fig. 5 – informative message

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