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Clicking on the link opens a form, where the user must choose the first and second parties to the agreement. If the party is in the list, select it by clicking on the name. If the party is not in the list (not a client of the repository), in the filter field (Fig. 2) enter a string that uniquely identifies the counterparty. For example, if you know its INN, the identifier should be filled as follows: INN_0123456789.Image Removed 

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Figure 2 – selection of the counterparty


An identifier of a non-repository client is generated as follows: [NONREF] Organization name. Click on the Set own party button to add [NONREF]. Image RemovedAfter that enter the organization name.

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If you know INN of organization (e.g., 0123456789), the identifier should be filled as follows: INN_0123456789.

Registration of contracts