The Web-client has a function of generating tabular reports containing:

  • statuses of order processing by the repository;
  • information about rejection and the date of rejection;
  • economic parameters of transactions. 
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In the current version of the Web-client a table report does not contain:

  • An execution status report (CM093);
  • Statement request (CM004);
  • Information about credit support annex (CM092);
  • Information about mark to market valuation (CM094).

The report is automatically generated once a day after 10 PM Moscow time. To download the report, go to Reports → Tabular (fig. 1).

Figure 1 – Tabular reports form

This form displays the number of new messages for each status. To view the tabular report:

  1. click on  link;
  2. open the downloaded bulk format file using MS Excel. 

Tabular report (Figure 2) contains the following types of messages (Figure 2, p. 3): 

  • processing;

  • orders;

  • rejections;

  • registration notifications. 

Figure 2 – report table

The table also contains:

  • transaction parameters (see Fig. 2, p. 1). Column numbers and names correspond to the bulk format field names. A detailed description is provided in the Bulk format reference;

  • additional columns (see Fig. 2, p. 2):

    • message status – displays the chain status (see Table 1);

    • rejections – displays the last rejection in a particular message chain;

    • rejection date – date of last rejection in a particular message chain.

Table 1 – Statuses

StatusSection of the Web-client
In processingBeing processed

Each spreadsheet contains order of transaction type corresponding to the spreadsheet name (Fig. 2, p. 4).

Enabling reporting

By default, automatic reporting is disabled. This feature can be enabled by:

  •  technical administrators;
  • administrators;
  • users of the Web-clients if their account settings allow suing tabular reports (Fig. 3) – specify Reports (Fig. 3.1) form and Enable/Disable daily tabular reports right (Fig. 3.2) available for the role by checking the appropriate checkboxes. Click the Save button (Fig. 3.3) to apply settings. For more details read User roles in the Web-client.

Figure 3 – settings of the additional role

To display tabular reports:

  1. go to Settings (Fig. 4.1) → Tabular reports tab (Fig. 4.2);

    Figure 4 – enabling tabular reports
  2. check the box next to Enable generation of daily tabular reports (Fig. 4.3);
  3. click Save (Fig. 4.4).

When this function is enabled, access right is granted to all users of the participant (organization).

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