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  1. go to menu Tools → Internet Options → Security;
  2. select the Trusted sites (Fig. 6,1) and click the Sites (Fig. 6,2);

    Figure 6 – go to security settings
  3. remove the switch box (Fig. 7,1) to add the URL with the http-protocol. URL with https-protocol are added regardless activated switch box or not;

    Figure 7 – add the URL of the Web office in the list of trusted sites

  4. specify the URL of the Web-client (Fig. 7,2) and click the Add button (Fig. 7,3). As the result, the URL will be added to the list of trusted sites (Fig. 7,4);


    If you plan to use Web-client as in the test and production environment, you must add the URL of the required versions:

  5. click the Close button (Fig. 7,5);
  6. click the ОК button in the Internet Option (Fig. 6,3).